December || My Christmas Wishlist… 


Just give me everything in this picture ????… I really love those lace-up heels up there???

Hello World and a Happy new month to you my blog followers and readers… I am so Happy we made it to December and I pray that God in His infinite mercy will make us see the end of the year 2016 and cross over into 2017 triumphantly ;)? (Amen)

As you all know, today is the first day in the month of December and we are just 24 days away from christmas…

So, I thought it wise to share my christmas wishlist…

1. Backpack

I saw this cute Pink backpack on @couture_et_vogue Instagram page and I totally fell in love with it. I have always wanted a backpack and this lovely one is not bad to begin my collection of backpacks;).

2. Gafasandals

See how beautiful they look???. I saw these on @gafasandals

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