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Richard M. Ankers - Author


The sky collapses in globs of lead. All that remains of the city once named London will soon be crushed. I would run, but I have nowhere else to go, so here I remain. There is no moon, no stars, just the crusted remnants of the clouds, solid and untrue. Heaven sinks ever lower, and at some point it will fall forever. I have no intention of letting myself be flattened by the weight of the universe, but I am too much of a coward to take my own life. I shall perish in obscurity, but how remains unclear?


Why I need to be outside when everyone else is in, I do not know. Families cower together praying for salvation; I have no family and want no salvation. The planet grumbles and tumbles its protests drowning out all but the loudest screams. I care not for I have…

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