Where Has Beauty Gone?

Beautiful, Article Source: revheadpin.org

Becoming Bridge Builders


“There is beauty all around us,

and the light finds us when we realize,

we are all part of that beauty and worth the cherishing.

If we despise any, we journey to despise ourselves.

See all as beautiful, even if they choose to see themselves through you, as being less than so.

We have the power to see for each, and be the reflection of what they may yet see.”

― Tom Althouse

What God has revealed to me during this three-month journey to address race in America is what Tom Althouse says so powerfully. We have lost sight of beauty. We have failed to look at the person who looks different from us as someone who is a creation of God and that all that God creates is beautiful. All people are valued by God. When we fail to respect the views and opinions of others we lose sight…

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