​The travel industry and Understanding the structure of the b2b & b2c travel trade. www.tripbrands.us

Trip Brands LLC – Global Leader in Travel Technology.
The history of professional travel agency business started with a day-long excursion tour for his 570 friends in the Temperance Society from Leicester to Loughborough in 1841. He took the services of the British Railway. All his friends were charged one shilling for this excursion.
In response to the increasing demand for tourism information by the travelers, many travel agencies like http://www.tripbrands.us have established websites to promote their services and products worldwide. These websites plays an important role in mediating between customers and companies as a channel for information acquisition and business Travel transactions.  
Travel Agents vs. Online Booking: Tackling the Shortcomings of Nowadays Online Tourism Portals like BTA b2btravelagency.com represents a qualitative study that aimed to identify the reasons that lead many consumers still rely on traditional travel agencies instead of booking their trips through Internet.  
The purpose of the Article is to investigate young tourist’s behavior in planning a trip, to understand how young people make decisions when they decide to go on a trip, in their country or in a foreign country, the process of searching information and their opinions about travel agencies services and about using Internet for planning a trip.OTAs are agents selling travel products and services online like airlines, car rental, cruise lines, hotels, railways and vacation packages on behalf of suppliers. want to read more about your travel answers just login to: http://www.tripbrands.us #


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