An Open Letter to Indian Parents: Let Your “Kids” Travel.

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The Shooting Star

Dear Parent,

On a pristine beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico, I watched in admiration as hundreds of newborn turtles crawled towards the roaring Pacific Ocean. About two months ago, their mothers laid nests on the beach and a team of conservationists protected them from dogs, coyotes and poachers. Two hours ago, several babies hatched, and in the golden light of the setting sun, rather fearlessly made their way into the big waves.

baja california sur, turtle release mexico, turtle release todos santos Releasing a baby turtle in Baja California.

My heart broke for them at first.

The waves looked fierce and unforgiving. And whether each turtle felt ready or not, it got swept away into the ocean. They are on their own now. No one to teach them how to keep afloat, where to find food or how to save themselves from becoming food.

turtle release mexico, turtle conservation mexico, todos santos Newborn turtles heading into the Pacific Ocean!

Then it struck me that this is nature at its wildest. That even though…

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