Funniest Travel Moments of 2016

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Picnic at the Cathedral

I needed a bit of cheering up today so I decided to research my end of year blog stats on the WordPress admin site.  I ignored the numbers and charts and went right to the juicy part: search terms.  These words and phrases that curious web searchers type into their search engines never fail to restore my faith in humanity.

I proudly present to you the actual search terms used to find Picnic at the Cathedral:

  • screw in penis
  •  naked seventy year old women
  • post this sign on church refrigerator
  • nude pictures with hair water flips
  • women pee in bath
  • please grab me some beautiful vary naked naked naked naked naked naked naked women
  • boob set off metal detectors
  • i love canned frosting

I think we can all agree I succeeded in reaching my blog’s ideal audience in 2016.

2016 was also a fine year for travel giggles.  For example:



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