How to travel with your cat in the car

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Unlike their canine cousins, cats do not make happy travellers. As creatures of habit, they hate having their routine disturbed and tend to feel very vulnerable away from home. Travelling can therefore make them stressed, and you may have heard a fair few horror stories about what awaits you on a car journey with your cat.

While your cat is unlikely to ever be an enthusiastic traveller, a trip with your feline friend doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, as there’s plenty you can do to keep it comfortable, safe, and relaxed during the journey. Here are our top tips for travelling in the car with your cat, which will make your next journey as stress-free as possible.

Getting your cat used to the car

image002If you ever have to take your cat in the car with you, you should begin your preparations long before the actual trip. Ideally…

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