I dream for a living (my ultimate travel bucket-list)

Article Source: allthebeautifultimes.wordpress.com

Small World, Smaller Girl

First semester of college is finally over (bless), andnow that I’m back at home, sitting in my bed and watching The Crown, I’m reminiscing on all the wonderful places that I’ve had the opportunity to go to during the last few summer/winter/spring breaks. I realize that I won’t always have the opportunity to go with my parents and my brother on vacation anymore, so I’ve come up with my own ultimate travel list.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, are the 13 places I definitely have to visit at least once in my lifetime. (And if you’ve been to one of these places, let me know where I should stop by/things I should do and try!!) I would also have liked to write a small paragraph about whyI chose these countries, but I realized 1) each country is just so wonderful that I could probably write about twenty…

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