Transmogrification – Iceland

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The Beauty Along the Road

Transmogrify – to change, morph, transform.

My first trip to Iceland introduced me to a landscape that somehow rattled the portal to ancient memories.


Rock, water, mountain – primeval elements transported me back in time, a thousand years ago.


Wind, ice, sun, lava – elemental forces that transform the geography of place….and the geography of soul.


Even before I have my DNA tested, I know that it carries Viking blood.
I know THIS place. I have been here before.


I felt transported back in time, listening to people talking a language I could almost understand, swords clanging, horses neighing. Times were hard, the climate even harsher. Survival was uncertain and never taken for granted.

And, yet, we are still here, more numerous than ever before, crowding together in ever-expanding cities across the globe.
Here in Iceland, though, you can still hear the earth’s heart beat and dream of the early…

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