Lisa Burton Drops by to Tell Us About C.S. Boyack’s Short Stories and How Writing Them Differs From Novels

S.K. Nicholls

Today I have a dear friend, Craig, who goes by C.S. Boyack as his author name. Craig has a spokemodel for his books, Lisa Burton, and I have invited her here to tell us a bit about the difference between short stories and novels. I personally find reading the two types of work very different. C.S. Boyack has a new book of short stories out and his creative energy is flowing through its pages.

Thanks for inviting me, Sue. I enjoy getting out of the writing cabin every once in a while. You wanted to know about the difference between short stories and novels. Craig had to think about this one for a while, but here’s what he told me.

With a novel, you have more time to build worlds, add in small bits of backstory, and go on a hero’s journey. Short stories don’t have that luxury. You have…

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