Taking Road Trips

Article Source: doodlewash.com


Tonight, I’m running super short on time, but made a quick doodlewash of an old Volkswagan camper van as my recreational vehicle for today’s prompt. I’ve never actually owned one of these or even ridden in one, but find them really cool. In fact, the only kind of recreational vehicle I’ve ever experienced in person was the camper my grandparents had when I was a kid. My parents’ version was simply whatever car we currently had. Since we didn’t have a lot of money, air travel was not really an option. If we wanted to take a vacation, we would simply drive for hours and hours before finally ending up in a new location, that still managed to be miles away from a beach. My favorite part was stopping at roadside gas stations where I would always get a little activity book. The books came with a special marker to color things in…

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