Who’s Ted?

Article Source: saneteachers.com


If you search your memory banks back to yesterday, I laid claim to the fact that I think I have a lot of general knowledge.

One thing about which I have almost zero knowledge is TED Talks.

I had never even heard of TED Talks until a colleague was mentioning it to me last year. He thought I was kidding when I said that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

wikipedia wikipedia

I thought he was talking about that talking teddy bear from that movie that I never saw but heard it wasn’t a movie for kids. Shhhhh…….don’t tell him.

Talk about being clueless.  But I checked it out because I was embarrassed that I knew nothing about this wildly popular phenomenon.

Yuck.  I looked at a bunch of different ones on topics that interest me.  Utterly boring.  I found myself concentrating on the microphone/earbud thingy they were…

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