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Enchanted Forests

This is Ujjain,Madhya Pradesh, India , an ancient city in the Heart Of India located on the Tropic of Cancer.

It is also the the city which was in former times the Capital of the Famed King Vikramaditya. The Ancient Indian Calender, the “Vikram Samvat” , is named after him according to which the current year is 2073. ( Do check out an earlier post titled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNIVERSE”)

The pictures that follow were taken were taken on an Island dedicated to this Learned and Just Ruler  ,Raja Vikramaditya , of an Era long gone.

The Ashen Faced Man  in Black was almost invisible to me as he sat under a Large Leafy Tree and merged with the shadows.

The Black Robes and his multiple Skull necklaces lead me to believe he was a “Tantrik”. A  Powerful Sadhu believed to be endowed with “Magical Powers”,

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