What Belongs to Us

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Wish I Were Here


Kutná Hora, Czech Republic – September 2016

After the worms had done their work, the half-blind monk cleaned and polished the bones, and then stacked them into neat pyramids. Day after day. It was his life’s work. More than 40,000 bodies, mostly victims of the Black Death and wars, were laid to temporary rest in this small cemetery. Hallowed ground. It had been sprinkled, once upon a time, with earth brought back from Golgotha. The Place of the Skull. Centuries after the monk’s passing, a local woodcarver was commissioned by an aristocratic family to arrange the bones in a more aesthetically pleasing way. No one could have imagined the astonishing result.

sedlec03Ugh. Gruesome. Someone whispers. Kinda disrespectful, someone else agrees. But mostly, there is silence in this subterranean chapel.

It’s difficult to accept that this unique sequence of DNA does not belong to us. That one day worms will…

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