Day 164: The Man and the Holiday Survival Guide; ‘Relax’

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Single Guy Says

Holiday Stress.gifFirst and foremost, we have to remember that the holidays are supposed to be fun. Don’t you remember what it was like waiting for Christmas as a kid? I can recall excitedly watching the houses all put up Christmas decorations and counting reindeer lights whenever we drove anywhere. I never worried about the crowds at shopping malls or the long list of people to buy presents for because the mall at Christmas meant photos with Santa and incredible Christmas displays in the stores and so many toys in the aisles! At parties I would get to eat all my favorite foods and as much of it as I wanted. I played games, got presents from relatives, and whenever I didn’t feel like partying anymore I could just go somewhere in a corner and sleep, knowing I’d wake up eventually in my own bed again, waiting for Santa to come.

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