Tips For Publishing Chapbooks by Susan Rich

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Trish Hopkinson

This excellent article by Susan Rich provides insights and tips on how to best present your chapbook to presses and contests. The article includes ten well-described tips from her personal editing experience, including:

  1. Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.
  2. Follow the Rules
  3. Create a Theme that Provides Coherence
  4. Ordering your Manuscript is an Art
  5. Know the Press Before You Press Send
  6. Think about a Book Doctor or Outside Editor
  7. Keep Track of Your Expenses; Start a Poetry Account
  8. Research, Research, Research
  9. Think About Publishing Creatively
  10. Don’t Get Discouraged!

Tips For Publishing Chapbooks and Applying to Residencies – What I’ve Learned As A Judge


Susan Rich is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently, Cloud Pharmacy and The Alchemist’s Kitchen, which was a Finalist for the Foreword Prize and the Washington State Book Award. Her other books include Cures Include Travel (2006) and The Cartographer’s Tongue / Poems of the World

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