A long farewell to Edinburgh

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Today’s guest picture shows the pretty church at Cavers which my neighbour Gavin passed while on a walk in the country near Hawick.


I had a well organised day today with a sting in the tail.

The morning started with a view of the feeder…

several chaffinches Several chaffinches appeared

…which was followed by a brief floral tour….

daff, snowdrop and wallflower Signs of spring on all sides

…and concluded with a spin down to Canonbie and back on the fairly speedy bike.  This is a regular route and the whole thing would have been quite humdrum except for a burst of song which stopped me in my tracks as I passed Pool Corner on my way out of Langholm.

The song came from a pair of dippers by the side of the pool.

dippers at pool corner

One below in full courting mode….

dippers at pool corner

…and one above, like Juliet on her balcony.

dippers at pool corner

Music must have worked its charm because in…

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