Seriously America?

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My thoughts on a page.

I usually don’t believe in discussing politics in public as it only drives a wedge between people but I am compelled to express my opinion on last nights results.

Really America, what were you thinking?photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

You cannot say you are not racist, when you vote for a leader who has openly expressed his racist beliefs.

You cannot say you like women, yet vote for a man who speaks of women as he does.

You cannot believe in the rights of those less powerful, when you hear him speak of what a man in power can do to a woman, with no repercussions.

You cannot say you are not homophobic, but chose to ignore his expressed views.

You cannot say you didn’t know, because it was there daily before your eyes.

Our countries Taoiseach (leader) today “offered his sincere congratulations on behalf of the Irish people.” Well Enda Kenny you did…

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