Being able to travel

Traveling Matters to us

A philosophical piece today.

In these blog posts, it has mostly been about the nicer side of life. You know, the fascinating photos, stories and experiences being shared. This pre disposes the assumption that we have the physical capability to take ourselves where we dream of.

We are not talking about financial resources.

This article which we dug up from a few months back reminded us about how we seem to take for granted our able bodiedness and health as we go about our daily lives, planning for the next journey in a relentless quest to extend and expand our travel handprint. To us one of the points the author made is for one to not ignore disability but being prepared to embrace it. Perhaps when we are young we feel invincible, but even simply ageing on its own can punch a dose of reality into you.

Nowadays, Mel’s knees ache when he runs…

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