Climbing Everest, 1950s Style

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Tenzing Norgay (left) and Edmund Hillary on Mt Everest. Image: Alex GrantTenzing Norgay (left) and Edmund Hillary on Mt Everest. Image: Alex Grant

Climbing Mt Everest is a remarkable, albeit insane, accomplishment.

Look at this from the British Mountaineering Council: “As of February 2014, there had been 6,871 ascents of Everest by 4,042 different climbers, meaning some climbers, most of them Sherpas, have reached the top multiple times.”

Multiple times?!

Summiting Everest is more common than it used to be, and advances in climbing technology have certainly helped. However, that’s not to say people who climb Everest today are not a hardy bunch.

However, you should see the folks who first summited Everest in 1953. This was the expedition that included Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, and was recorded in the 1953 film The Conquest of Everest.

This is a remarkable documentary, filmed while the team was preparing for, and climbing, the world’s tallest mountain. (The team, incidentally, was composed of 14 climbers and 35 Sherpas.)

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    The hero of this amazing story is not edmund hillary, but is Tensing Nogay. He summited, and helped hillary up. Most subsequent summits have required sherpas. Sherpas consistently summit only when helping westerners up.
    They see Everest as sacred and climb it for desperately needed money.
    There are some westerners who can actually climb solo.
    Sherpas climb to help jerks reach heights.

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