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Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Image result for images of a village headman surrounded by his people sitting in a courtyard

Similar to a Lion who is the King of the jungle, the people of the village always respect and revere the Village Headman who is like a Father to them. In one such village called KEYSHA in far off Bhutan, there lived KUPSA, the village Headman, fairly plump, warm brown eyes, short delicate auburn hair and wore an inviting grin. He allowed a free rein with his people, never once stopping anyone from doing what he or she pleased, though with clear-cut instructions that no one could take advantage of his being kind-hearted and this quality he inculcated with a calm exterior.  A spirit of warmth filled the subtle air and all strife’s were dissolved amicably. 

With the help of his people he organized different cultural festivals when other tribes turned up soaking in the happy atmosphere and loving every tiny square-inch of the sensational festival that created a sense…

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