Hiring for Adventure!

Article Source: legendsofwindemere.com

Legends of Windemere

Fellowship of the Ring Fellowship of the Ring

Thank you for answering our Help Wanted ad. We have a big job coming up and one of our members isn’t able to join us.  What happened to your predecessor?  There was an incident with a dragon, two kegs of ale, the blacksmith’s daughter, and the sinking of three dozen royal warships.  In her defense, the ale was really good.  Now, her position was rather fluid, so we aren’t looking for any specific set of skills.  Just something unique that doesn’t step on the toes of everyone else.  That goes double for our barbarian because he never wears shoes and swears his big toes are extra sensitive to crushing. So, let’s see what are you capable of.

I see you have a lot of experience going on adventure, but I don’t recognize the groups you have listed here. In fact, we couldn’t locate a single reference…

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