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shoe-bt-oneAfter thirteen years I am saying goodbye to one of my closest companions; one who has seen me through Europe’s cobbled streets, helped me trek the Inca Trail, and explored Angkor’s ruins with me. We met one mid-afternoon in London as I was limping up Carnaby Street, my finicky boot heels torn to shreds. The pavement painfully digging into my soles I entered the first shoe store I found. They were sitting unheeded on a shelf next to neon fuchsia sneakers, unobtrusive yet so comfortable looking. I picked them up, tried them on, and oh the difference! My feet were suddenly encased in cloud layers of cushion. After eight hours of rambling, standing in crowded underground stations, and soaking in the incessant drizzle my new shoes kept me energized. I spent the next two weeks traversing the metropolitan behemoth in them awed at how well they cocooned my trotters…

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