Something Wild About That Turkey


Of all the silly infantile jokes, this one takes the cake (or a pumpkin pie, in this case):

What did the turkey say when he saw a computer? “Google, google, google!”

I guess that was a wild turkey who had never been introduced to a Publix freezer. But then, if we believe the story about Pilgrims and Indians, and the first Thanksgiving, those turkeys did not know from Publix either. I am talking about the birds, Beautiful People, not the Pilgrims and Indians!  Since at this day and age we have to hunt for our turkeys (real or vegan) in a supermarket freezer, I decided to give it at least something wild – stuffing.


I was asked for stuffing recipes, so here is a wild one! We used to roast duck with this stuffing, and I thought a turkey would also appreciate something original. I used a mix of…

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