Walk on the Wild Side


You never know what you’ll discover on a walk. And, as you inch closer towards carpets of green and towering structures painted in brown, lurking in the shadows or behind a successful camouflage — are gems waiting to be found. It’s hard to ignore the anticipation in the air. It’s ripe with a myriad questions. Would the hunters outrun the hunted? Or, would the chase end without victory?

The odds can turn either way. And as you continue walking, your senses will slowly take over, as light plays games with your sight, and sounds question your listening. You will stop being an observer and that’s when, you’ll believe — you’re a part of a surreal world. Your appearance will set you apart from the rest of your friends. In the world of four legs, you’d question the need for only two. Without claws or horns or sharp canines; you’ll begin to realise how weak…

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