Wild strawberries with sour cream

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wild strawberries and sour cream

If you visit Romania, you need to come to Bucovina. Is situated in the northern part of the region of Moldova, bordering with Ukraine. We have amazing landscape, great food and hospitable people. One of the traditional food in Bucovina is Wild strawberries with sour cream.

Some of the people consider this food a dessert, but it is a fully meal. You can it with polenta or just as it is. If the berries are sweet you can cut the sugar.

I grew up with this food. We had strawberries in the summer only at the market. They were very rare.

We used to go on the hills around my city (Gura Humorului) and find fresh wild strawberries. You need to smell the fresh wild strawberries. We always had to eat straight from there and after that bring some home. I am teaching my son the same thing. Go and…

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