Riomaggiore, Italy by ferry


Natural capture of Riomaggiore. No Filter and still stunning.  The Simple beauty of Italy.dscf4712dscf4716dscf4721dscf4723dscf4724dscf4725dscf4726dscf4727dscf4728dscf4730dscf4731dscf4732dscf4733dscf4735dscf4736dscf4737


From Monterosso I took a ferry to get to Porto Venere, Cinque Terre, La Spezia in Liguria Italy. On my way to one commune to another, the ferry stopped to drop off and pick up other travelers in Riomaggiore. Although I only saw this town from the ferry, you can tell how intimate this town in the mountains is. Another colorful and pretty small town in Italy. Riomaggiore, the most southern yet largest town in Cinque Terre is located in a narrow gorge with steep sides connected to a harbor.

The water in this area is the most pristine, unspoiled and the bluest of the coast. Impressive to see how the houses were built in such a way because the mountain is so deep.

The short boat ride was also fun, I enjoyed the wind…

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