Travel: Washington DC, USA Highlights!

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Ah, that iconic spotless white dome. The crowning glory of the temple of Democracy. I loved DC for its neoclassical monuments and divine architecture. And as a former Political Science major, this really made my inner history nerd smile. It cradles the heart of political America and I loved it because it was a great reprieve from the rush and bustle of New York City. There was so much to know and see, and we spent an amazing 5 days just taking the time to savour what this charming city had to offer. And here are some of our favourite spots!

Capitol Hill


The home of the United States Congress gleams a blinding white from afar. It forms the origin point of all the numbered streets in DC. It houses lush, high-ceilinged rooms labelled ‘S’ and ‘N’ for the Senate and the House, as well as galleries, underground tunnels and a private subway that connects the main Capitol building with…

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