USA National Parks – 10 Free Days in 2017

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Minnesota Yogini


I adore the USA National Parks and am currently on a quest to see all of them! Every time I set foot in a National Park my life is changed!

np8.pngMy parents always took my brothers and I camping and on road trips, and I was blessed to visit many national parks growing up. I also participated in the Junior Ranger programs  both at the MN State Parks and the National Parks, and to this day cherish all the memories I made with amazing park rangers in amazing places. The first 5 years my husband and I were married we did a lot of international and luxury travel. When we had our daughter 3 years ago, we decided our new mission was going to be to see more our own country, the USA. It was time to get back to road tripping and camping, and staying closer to home. This has been AWESOME…

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