If you’ve been holding your breath waiting to discover what faux pas occurred at the Bangkok Airport Transit Desk during my most-recent trip, you can now breathe easy. A GOOD DISASTER MOVIE ALWAYS … Source: SPARE ME: DISASTER IN BANGKOK


A glimpse into the gone in the tales of yonder beyond the visage of newness there lies wonder curiosity freedom and impish glee such innocent bliss such poignant memories no place thus to be found … Source: Childhood

Travel Tips for Rarotonga

Hi everyone, I thought I’d write a post about general travel tips, since I see them everywhere, and I haven’t really written one before! My tips for Rarotonga, Cook Islands Respect the … Source: Travel Tips for Rarotonga

Treats for myself -January Sales! 

I usually hate the sales and never ever buy anything from them. But their was 2 items that I really wanted before the sales but I was skint, as usual. So when I seen them in the sales I got them an… Source: Treats for myself -January Sales! 

Backpacking East Asia 2016

The year 2016 is running so fast, and it’s already approaching its last quarter. During this span of time I have been to various places: I spent my New Year’s Day in Ho Chi Minh City as… Source: Backpacking East Asia 2016


Travelling On the Trans-Siberian Railway as A Backpacker   If you love backpacking, cheap travels, and plenty of adventure, check out the benefits of a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway.   Image b… Source: Travelling

Good Places to Blog in the Philippines (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina Olivar Founder & Owner of: The Little Miss Secret Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Successful Living Writer To all the travel, li… Source: Good Places to Blog in the Philippines (1 min read)

Judges In Seattle and Boston Reach Opposing Opinions On Trump Executive Order

Article Source: JONATHAN TURLEY The controversy over the Trump immigration executive order has already produced sharply conflicting orders from courts in Washington state and Massachusetts. A judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order nationwide over the executive order while a judge in Boston declined to do so. Such divergent results are not…

15-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Denied Visa for US Speaking Tour

[ Ed. note – Ahed Tamimi is the blond-haired Palestinian girl who has been seen in countless videos and who always seems to stand out–not only because of her striking looks and young ag… Source: 15-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Denied Visa for US Speaking Tour

Visa Free Travel Opportunities for Ghanaian Citizens

Until I get out of here All I’ve got is what surrounds me _______Naana Joa Braso There are two major things a travelblogger wishes for. A fully sponsored trip around the world Visa free travels Yes… Source: Visa Free Travel Opportunities for Ghanaian Citizens

Visa free, rand friendly beach holidays

For those looking for a beachy getaway, here are some ideas on destinations that you could consider based on them being beautiful, rand friendly and requiring no VISA for South Africans. Source: Visa free, rand friendly beach holidays

Travelling With An E-Visa

If I remember correctly, my exposure to travelling to different locations for tourism began at two years of age when my parents traveled to Goa tugging me along on a cruise. While most kids and the… Source: Travelling With An E-Visa

How To Personally Obtain A Dubai Visa Online Within An Hour

After seeing the TV commercial about Dubai being dubbed as the “City of Now” in May 2012, I immediately added it to my bucket list. Setting foot on what both contemporary & futurist… Source: How To Personally Obtain A Dubai Visa Online Within An Hour

Panama Shortens Tourist Visa to 90 days

UPDATE! This information turned out to be incorrect. The change is only for people from countries that have to apply for a visa before being allowed in Panama. It does not apply to people from the … Source: Panama Shortens Tourist Visa to 90 days

Reasons for Denial of Korean Visa

Applying for a Korean Visa isn’t always successful. Sometimes people get denied because their credentials have not established them as a qualified applicant for the visa category they have ap… Source: Reasons for Denial of Korean Visa

How to Score a Schengen Visa on an Indian Passport. 

Article Source: The Shooting Star The thought of traveling in Europe fills my head with such dreamy images – colorful towns with cobbled streets, ageless cities in the backdrop of the Alps, the smell of fresh breads at local patisseries, people-watching at charming little cafes – that it often masks the pain of applying…

Sales, Marketing,Property Development And Hotel Management (4 Images)

Being manager of The Wilden Marsh Insect Hotel is not a feet up on the desk, telling others what to do, and waiting for the salary cheque and retirement sort of job. For a start, there isn’t … Source: Sales, Marketing,Property Development And Hotel Management (4 Images)

Exposed: 3 Reasons Direct Sales is not Small Business

As a Shop Girl I completely support anyone willing to dive into direct sales.  After all, it is the gateway drug into strategic sales and job opportunities where charisma is key.   It forces the co… Source: Exposed: 3 Reasons Direct Sales is not Small Business

Sales Lessons For A Successful Life Part 2 (3 min read)

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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Sam Sanderson Founder & Owner of: Simplistic Success -Entrepreneur, Personal Growth & Development Writer, Inspirational & Motivational Writer Today I am delighted to be able to share some more insights into the world of sales. You can use these concepts to further your…

Yard Sales and Swaps

I remember when I was a young newlywed, I bought everything new.  Mother was all about keeping up with the Jones’.  Fortunately and unfortunately for me, my first husband had means. I had my … Source: Yard Sales and Swaps

Sales Haul 🛍

 Hi everyone, I don’t know about your country, but in France it’s sales time ! Yayyyy I’ve bought a bunch of new clothes, that I’m going to show you  right now ! I’ve … Source: Sales Haul 🛍

The fox in the henhouse: Creationist leads Trump’s education task force

Why Evolution Is True I’m a few days late with this news, and needn’t say much about how ridiculous this is, but last Thursday, Liberty University, a fundamentalist Christian school in Lynchburg, Virginia, announced that its President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. would head up an “education task force” for President Tr*mp. (Fallwell, Jr. is the son…

DeVotion to Education

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Lately, there has been talk of education in a place where few teachers exist: politics. This post isn’t about Mrs. Betsy DeVos (don’t worry, she repulses me as well). Instead, my message comes from the heart. This is what it means to pour yourself into a profession that is only valued…

Exams & Education System

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“Education is a continuous process, Di. We learn each and every day. Don’t you acquire knowledge even today? Long after you have received your degrees?” “Yes”, I answered meekly to my cousin brother’s question. I had to agree with him. Abhimanyu, my cousin, has done remarkably well in his ICSE  exam…

The Selfie Queen

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The Selfie Queen The Selfie Queen Never met a mirror She didn’t love Until one day She was trapped In a house of mirrors That only reflected The ugliness inside.

I Cancelled My 2017 Travel Plans Due to the Executive Order

Article Source: Alexis Chateau In late 2016, I returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach with some exciting news. One of my clients was just about to launch an indie travel agency, and hired me to do their PR work in exchange for travel perks and shares in the company. By January, I had put…

Travel Dreams

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And then the open roads beckoned Your travel dreams Tucked away in the curious corner of your heart Poetry and image copyright neha 2016

Top 9 Travel Tips & Lessons Learned

Article Source: Travels With Nano I wouldn’t trade the thrill of traveling for anything, but as joyous and fulfilling my worldly adventures have been, I had my fair share of mishaps and less than favorable travel moments. After a decade of independent travel around the world, I think it is time to share some…

Sims 4 Vampires – Review

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Happy Vampires Day! The new vampire game pack releases tomorrow and I received a free copy of it from EA to review. So I hope I can give you some insights into the pack so you can decide whether you want to buy it. The splash screen when…