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Scattered Thoughts

“Education is a continuous process, Di. We learn each and every day. Don’t you acquire knowledge even today? Long after you have received your degrees?”

“Yes”, I answered meekly to my cousin brother’s question. I had to agree with him. Abhimanyu, my cousin, has done remarkably well in his ICSE  exam and, now he is preparing for the ISC as well as the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE). He is an excellent orator having the gift of the gab and, he uses his skill effectively to win any debate with me.

“There are faults in our education system”, he continues, “but, trust me, the system is not entirely responsible for making education a rat race for us, the students.The conundrum starts when the parents want to reflect their unfulfilled dreams, unattainable ambitions through their children.” He finished his statement with a tone of finality.

I knew he was right. I have seen/heard…

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