Early Doors

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We were down in London last weekend. We took some time out to visit Kew? Botanical Gardens, it was three days after my annual pass expired. Sigh. As we renewed the pass one of the staff commented ‘You’ll need that, you’ll be wanting to come to the orchid festival’ Yes, I…

Traveling the Road Back

© Al Forbes William Shaw was pulling the modified 1902 Cadillac Runabout behind his SUV to an abandoned country road where he would be unobserved. He’d purchased it from an elderly widow, her husband’s pride and joy, but the old man lacked stamina and finances to restore this beauty. Shaw unloaded the Cadillac at his…

Shadow of the Titanic

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A recreation of Titanic’s radio room. Image courtesy of Maidesigns, Pixabay. Just when I thought I’d read almost everything there is about the Titanic, along comes another book. A coworker and I discussed the Titanic a while back, and he graciously loaned this book to me. The book is Shadow of…

Summer 2016-17 Cruise Review

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For our 24th and last post on our Summer 2016-17 Cruise, we thought we would do a recap of this very satisfying voyage right around Bass Strait. We were away for 11 weeks, the longest we have ever been on board Take It Easy. We covered about 1000 nautical miles during…

Why you need to take this canal cruise. Now.

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Discover the jewel box city of Amsterdam: A photoblog… Walk it, bike it, or get a languorous cruise…the ‘canal’-ity of life will inevitably  entice you in Amsterdam. Surprise, surprise. The throbbing nerve-centre of Netherlands has a predictably unoriginal name, literally meaning ‘Dam on River Amstel’. And a soul which is just…

River Scenes | Viking Cruise

There’s nothing so serene as gliding through calm water in the late afternoon and overnight into the early morning. Especially when you know you’re on time. D took the photo above when … Source: River Scenes | Viking Cruise

My Cruise Diary

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Day One: Dawn -15F As we wait on the curb for our ride, nothing stirs. Even the sun struggles to peel itself off the horizon. Our cab is a half hour late and when it finally arrives, the windows are frosted over. “Sorry mon, no heet,” the cabbie explains. He…

Virtual Booze Cruise

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Michael Scott on The Office Booze Cruise ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Week 51 in the Year of Drinking Adventurously. Tiki cocktails. Oh dear, we near the end of the adventure. Alas, this week isn’t well suited for my tastes. I know Lula will have…

Is there a god? Any god?

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The Ark has invited Christians to a?challenge. So far, as at this posting, ?none has taken it up. The one Christian who has commented has only questioned his motives. My challenge on the other hand is to the godless; non believers, atheists, agnostics and whoever else in between.? My agnostic…

Mana – The last Indian Village

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The dawn of 17 May 2013 was a memorable one. The darshan at the holy shrine of Badrinath rejuvenated our soul with spiritual bliss. After recharging our souls, it was time to recharge the body too. We stopped by a local eatery for some hot breakfast. Then we headed out to…

Boudhanath stupa, Nepal

Buddhism, once born in  undivided India as a reforming branch of Hinduism, was spread  around 12 nations and in some of them it is the major religious path. With an inherent message of what is impo… Article Source: Boudhanath stupa, Nepal (thegreyeye.wordpress.com)