Because if Christie Brinkley can pull it off, so can anyone, right?

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brinkley-63 Photo description: This coloured photo depicts supermodel Christie Brinkley, age 63, blond and smiling, on a beach in a red bikini, with her right arm above her head holding a tree limb and her right leg bent at the knee. Turquoise water is in the background. It says Sports Illustrated. Photo credit: Emmanuel Hauguel, Sports Illustrated. Here’s a stunner: “Supermodel Christie Brinkley has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue with her daughters.” It’s a stunner because she’s 63. Apparently, Brinkley, who is a swimsuit issue veteran (appearing on the cover for three years in a row: 1979, 1980, 1981), thought her swimsuit days were over when she turned 30.

But to do it with her daughters was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, so she thought, “One last go!” It’s reported that she did the shoot to make a statement about ageism.

She said, “Women feel very limited…

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