Indian Cocktails To Beat The Heat


Strawberry Caipirinha with fresh mint and strawberry in glasses

If you’re looking to brace against the long and blistering Indian summer, here are 12 awesome recipes to quite literally lift your spirits. We reached out to some of India’s best mixologists, and twelve of them, including bartending doyen Shatbhi Basu and Kolkata’s mixing magician Irfan Khan, sent us some versatile recipes that will help anyone (who’s over 25) brew these incredibly easy-to-make, but unbelievably delicious cocktails.

Don’t forget, the right glass (mentioned with every recipe) makes the drink. Cheers, everyone!


India’s first woman mixologist and beverage consultant, Shatbhi Basu, prepared this recipe just a couple of days ago in anticipation of the summer at NRI restaurant in Mumbai. Her expert tips: “Don’t cut on the ice. A lot of ice insulates you drink, keeps it at the right temperature and texture till you finish,” she…

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