My Cruise Diary

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Almost Iowa

cruiseDay One: Dawn -15F

As we wait on the curb for our ride, nothing stirs.

Even the sun struggles to peel itself off the horizon. Our cab is a half hour late and when it finally arrives, the windows are frosted over.

“Sorry mon, no heet,” the cabbie explains.

He steers with one hand and scrapes furiously with the other. Reggae music rattles from frozen speakers.

“Where are you from?” I ask.

“Island jus nort de Trini-dad” he says.

My wife gets excited, “Our cruise might stop there!”

“Good,” he says, “you tell me family dat I be freez’n me arse off in dis place.”

We pause for a short awkward silence.

“Jus mess’n wit you,” he laughs.

My wife smiles. For her a vacation is a time to get to know new people and places, and she is already in vacation mode. She points to a large medallion swinging…

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