Summer 2016-17 Cruise Review

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For our 24th and last post on our Summer 2016-17 Cruise, we thought we would do a recap of this very satisfying voyage right around Bass Strait. We were away for 11 weeks, the longest we have ever been on board Take It Easy. We covered about 1000 nautical miles during this circumnavigation of a fascinating yet misunderstood body of water and discovered many superb anchorages all along its coast and islands.

Although it may have a mean reputation, Bass Strait can be enjoyed safely if you pick your weather and throw away your calendar. Few people realise there are some 80 islands around Bass Strait, with the two largest being King Island at the western end and Flinders Island at the eastern end, but many smaller ones in between, reserving some stunning scenery to those who take the time to explore.

So what was it like?

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