10 Exciting Locations for Getaways in Nigeria

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Mercy Williams Explores

Are you in Nigeria for the holidays and looking for a perfect location for a getaway? Or simply just want to getaway from work and the regular life chaos? Whether you’re the explorer, the adventurer, or the beach bum, I’ve curated these 10 amazing locations for a weekend getaway.

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Green Legacy Resort





Location: Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Contains: Hotel Room Accommodations, Playground, Artificial Lake, Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Bars, Rocks.

Activities: Boat Rides, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Camel Back Riding.

Yankari Resort and Safari 





Location: Bauchi

Contains: Hotel Room Accommodations, Warm Springs, Wildlife Animal and Plant Species, Waterfalls, River Valleys, Isolated Hills, Marshall Caves.

Activities: Swimming, Viewing and Sightseeing of Safari, Exploring the Marshall Caves.

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort





Location: Ekiti State.

Contains: Site where cold and warm springs meet, Hotel Room Accommodations, Warm Swimming Pool, Restaurant and Bar.

Activities: Swimming, Exploring the cold and warm spring meeting point.

Abraka Turf…

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