Ancient ‘Moon Rock’ engravings protected as proof of Aboriginal astronomy | NITV


The Moon Rock site, located at one of the highest points in Kuringai Chase National Park, 20km north of Sydney’s CBD, includes extensive sandstone engravings by the Garrigal clan of the Cammeraigal peoples.It is unique because it includes rare engravings of the 8 phases of the moon, beginning with the creator Biame’s boomerang. Its presence adds further weight to national evidence demonstrating that Aboriginal people were keen observers of the sky and indeed, the world’s first astronomers.The Moon Rock site is owned by the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (Metropolitan) since being handed back under the NSW Aboriginal Land Rights Act.  Among the ridges and spurs, there are more than 50 engravings, including depictions of spirit figures, wallabies, shields, fish, sharks, whales, eel, mundoes (or footprints) and tools that are estimated to be more than 5 thousand years old.It’s registration as a significant Aboriginal Place under the NSW Parks and…

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