Because Bebo Birthed a Baby Boy! 

Excellent blog post 🙂 beautifully written

The Time of Our Lives

I usually don’t post stuff related to current affairs, but this one somehow got the best of my imagination.

Over the past couple of days, the internet has gone haywire over the choice of name for a darling little boy, who has absolutely no idea of what “Trolling” means.

What more, the little fella was just born on December 20th, 2016…and as luck would have it…Bebo’s baby is an inborn “Star”!

It’s not about how much jobless you are.


It’s about how many unimportant, “things-which-shouldn’t-be-mattering” issues suck out the very best aspects of patriotism from your otherwise-very-beautiful soul, and bring Pakistan in almost every feud you have within you.

No. You didn’t just say that.

Dadu on the other hand is losing it on Twitter…

That’s a newborn baby for heaven’s sake! Are you seriously out of your wit’s end?

Apparently the pseudo-parivarik-dharam mode is

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