Day 14 #Loveuary ❤ – Valentine

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But I Smile Anyway...


Valentine’s Day is here. The reason this month has got all red, pink and fluffy! We’ve been bombarded with adverts, cards and flowers, deals on hotels and fancy meals, for the best part of two months at least, and now it’s here.

But hasn’t it all got far too commercialised?

It’s a great idea, to have a day to show your love, but that shouldn’t be the only day. If you love someone, you love them everyday, yet the businesses out there have cottoned on to the fact that there is huge money to be made out of days like today. If the other half doesn’t get a card, the Missus will be miffed, that sort of thing!

I, for one, never lose an opportunity to tell him that I love him. Every day. Today, for me is just an extra reason to shower him with a little extra love…

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  1. Ritu says:

    Thanks for the reblog 😊

    1. My pleasure , Ritu…actually you deserve this one coz you have a very crazy spirit of writing,,,keep it up and one more thing…. RITU name is my FAv..ha ha coz My Wife’s also named Ritu 🙂 🙂

      1. Ritu says:

        Thanks again Vikas!!!
        I write from the heart… no planning!
        And Ritu is a great name. Your wife must be perfect! 😉

        1. Yes she is so cute and caring 🙂

          1. Ritu says:

            Indian yes but born and brought up here in the UK to Kenyan born Indian parents!

            1. Wow So Sweet 🙂 great to hear about yourself.

              1. Ritu says:

                And I guess you are in India?

                1. yes you are right, i am only from India. lived in delhi, basicallly From Himachal Pradesh

                  1. Ritu says:

                    I have visited Delhi a few times 😊

                    1. Oks, next time whenever visit please let me know first

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