Dear Future Self

Unveiling the Incogitable

So, today I and my best friend were out on our usual car drive sessions. Having a random discussion on whatnot, he all of a sudden asked me, “What do you think, where will we be after 6 years from now? Will we be married? Will we be happy? Where do you think we’ll land up?”. I pondered for a while before answering his question, because for the first time I didn’t know how and what to answer! This post is thus a well-contemplated response to his rather swift question and a dedication to my future self. I hope, and pray, and wish that we’ll be the way I’m visualizing us to be! On that ground, here it goes . . .

Dear Future Self,

Hope you’re healthy, wealthy and wise! Most importantly, I’m hoping that you’re alive! Presently, life is embracing its own roller coaster ride – there are too many falls than hikes. I…

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