Everyday warrior, I mean MOM. Meet Natalie Grim Williams.

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the clueless wanderer blog

Natalie Grim Williams is like most working moms these days, living in York County, PA. She balances a full time job with another full time job. One full time job has a set number of hours, while the other is never ending. So, how does a busy mom make time for herself, quality time with her husband and her kids, plus still make the public and private sectorworldsgo round while also volunteering for The Junior League of York? Modestly put, with grace and a smile.

Natalie loves her job as asmall business development liason atDowntown Inc.She describes it as challenging, rewarding and impactful. Downtown Inc is THE organization working to enhance and encourage investment in York, PA’s central business district. This is tirelessly done through:

  • Economic Development – business recruitment and retention
  • Promotions – advertising, marketing and special events
  • Placemaking – beautifying the landscape, improving physical elements…

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