Family Vacationing Well: Teaching Kids To Persevere

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A Coffee with Friends

Before you say that we are the worst parents ever! Please know that my son Eli watched this video and gave us permission to use it.  Why? Because he knows what we know.  We’ve all had that kind of a day and often they happen on a vacation! You know how it goes, we decide to try something new or think that we are in good enough shape and end up either hurting ourselves or just completed exhausted and grumpy.  On this day, Marc thought it would be a good idea to teach Eli mountain biking.  The problem is that this trail had no map or markers.  They got lost, missed out on lunch, and it kinda went downhill from there!

But, as we look back and laugh now, it caused us to reflect on the purpose behind traveling as a family.  When you think about taking a trip, what…

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