Fit Recovery on Cycling: How Fast is Fast Enough on a Bicycle?

Fit Recovery

How fast is fast enough on a bicycle?

There are too many variables to even begin to answer that question in a blog post.  The easy way out, and certainly the funny way out, is to answer simply, “If you have to ask, you’re not there yet.  Pedal harder and/or faster.”

What are your goals for cycling?  Is it just to shed a few unwanted pounds?  How about a lot of unwanted pounds?

Perfect, the correct answer is faster than you want to go.  If your idea of a good ride is 10 miles in an hour, a lot faster than you want to go.

How about if you want to hang with the next group up at the club ride?  How fast is fast enough?

The answer is, “Fast enough to keep up.”


Here’s the ugly truth, all BS aside:  Until you get to the Cat 3 racers (some would argue Cat…

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