Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. November.

The Blooming Garden

The garden is winding down now and we have had a little frost. There are quite a few roses about but I don’t particularly want to look at them in November.  Having said that, these dainty little ‘Perle d’Or’ blooms are still very pretty.

Rosa 'Perle d'Or' Rosa ‘Perle d’Or’

What I love at the moment are the chrysanthemums. I used to hate them and I am still not keen on the big mopheads, but now I love the vibrant colours of the daisy flowered ones.  What else is blooming so cheerfully in the garden right now? My favourite is Chrysanthemum ‘Chelsea Physic Garden’. The flowers are orangey-red but the reverse of the petals are bronze.

Chrysanthemum 'Chelsea Physic Garden'Chrysanthemum ‘Chelsea Physic Garden’

Maybe brown flowers are an acquired taste but I love Chrysanthemum ‘Marjolein Brown’. I forgot to take a photo of it and now it is getting dark, so this is one I…

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  1. Beautiful and so well blossomed. Great pics.

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