Mountain biking & fall foliage in Abruzzo


Autumn biking, AbruzzoI often find myself missing home when the autumn months roll around. As much as I love Rome, there is no transition between the seasons in the Eternal City, no colorful fall foliage.

This is why I enjoy visiting nearby Abruzzo during these months, to enjoy the sights, smells and climate of the autumns I miss.

Although the foliage isn’t as vibrant as the New England falls I grew up with, it is very beautiful in the mountains and never fails to put me in a good mood.

Autumn biking, AbruzzoIt’s also a great time to get out and enjoy those colors on my mountain bike.

I’d been having a hard time managing a weekend out in Abruzzo this fall. Every weekend has been either a tennis tournament for my older son or a track meet for my younger.

Autumn biking, AbruzzoAfraid I’d lose the colors all together, I decided to accept I’d be seeing…

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