The Art Of Minimalism And Letting Go Of Materials

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Katie Kuo

tumblr_o4e19n0kTU1tfmhy7o1_500.jpgMinimalism may leave one thinking of a Zen garden or a spacious room. Over the years, I’ve decluttered and cleaned out many things that are not needed, or only take up space. They no longer serve a purpose, and are often a piece of paper with a note or a pair of shoes that you never wear. It’s only kept for its sentimental value. Of course, there will always be the bits and bobs that always stay with us. They give us a deep memory of a person or time. Minimalism is often known as cleaning out the materials you have. However, it is also the art of letting go and living with less. It gives time to focus on the important things in life. It means letting go of not only clothes, but having more space and time to accomplish things.

It means letting go of a friendship that…

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