The Grammys Is Still Worth Watching, and Mulling Over

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Mark Bialczak

People love flashing out over the Grammys.

That’s what I like to call the immediate reactions on all sorts of social media during the midst of a big event.

You know, flash-lashing. Host James Corden even poked fun at it with a spool of fake tweets roasting his performance Sunday as he announced the Grammy hashtag during the CBS broadcast.

Sometimes it’s still good to let things sit around in the brain – and soul – a bit before putting your thoughts out into the universe, I think. And hope.

So, a bit about Sunday night …

Oh-oh-oh. (Getty Images) Oh-oh-oh. (Getty Images)

•Late night/early morning guy Corden left me flat when he went that way with his dance-routine-gone-awry opening, but won me back with his marvelous Carpool Karaoke bit, wearing that car sandwich board and convincing the gaggle of stars to join he and Neil Diamond for a chorus of Sweet Caroline

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