Ugliest Horse Pest Ever – Oak Mites

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A Horse For Elinor

Virtually invisible, but leaving the nastiest evidence behind on the horse.

These mites like to bite/eat like crazy on the face of the horse.  The bites itch and irritate immensely, leaving bumps and welts behind along with raw, scarred crusted patches of skin.   The horse’s own serum react with the bites, creating yellow oozing and coat loss.

Enough of bites are very painful for the horse – Valiosa’s entire body is reacting to them, with swollen glands between her cheeks, lower jaw, and at the throat latch.

That pristine mare right here?

grey horse with french braidNo more.  Now she looks more like a bottom-budget scabies-ridden call girl – one look at her, you regret you ever.  Called…

Extremely visible on a gray horse.  Let’s just say no one is going to steal her any time soon.

Google “Oak Mites on horses” and there’s very skimpy results.  Feather mites etc, sure, but the Oak…

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