Fitness Goals


the hunter girl

Reality check:
So I am going to say what you are not suppose to say but I JUST WANT TO BE SKINNY!


Since starting my adult life I have put on a crazy 15kgs. Bonkers, I know. Each and every Monday I plan on starting my diet but come Tuesday diet is out the window. I know I am not alone in this.

It sounds so simple. Eat healthy and exercise. My brain does not work like that. My brain thinks SHIT I have to give up PIZZA and NETFLIX and WINE. Immediately, I set myself up for failure.

Realisation (admitting you have a problem):
Aside from wanting to be skinny I can say I have recently realised the effects of my not-so-healthy lifestyle on my body and my life.
1. Always being tired
2. Becoming anti-social
3. Everything is an effort
4. Struggling to walk up stairs
5. My favourite…

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